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Our Goal Is To Help Both Of These People Have A Good Old Age

Improve Lives Everywhere with Our Nonprofit Institute Focusing on Today's and Tomorrow's Seniors

Formed in 2017, the Institute for Advanced Thought on Aging is a forum about how aging affects us all. Our mission is to use the knowledge of respected leaders in the biopsychosocial and economic spheres of aging to help us have a good old age.

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The IATA is not a think tank; it's an action center. It is a place for you to learn about how you, your children, and your grandchildren can benefit from the "wisdom of the ages." Our annual Institute will bring together thought leaders on some of the pressing issues of human aging. The reports of their recommendations can inform us how we can apply this knowledge to improve our lives.

Learn more about your aging and how your donations can make an important difference for not only aging people within the US, but everyone around the world. We value your input, so let us hear from you about how the IATA can benefit from your ideas and experiences with aging people.

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Who We Are & What We're Going To Do

Inspired by highly regarded institutes elsewhere — Aspen,CO; Washington,D.C.; Stockholm, Sweden — our mission will be achieved by bringing pressing issues to the forefront of the rapidly aging American population. These topics affect our people, communities, and our society as a whole. With noted leaders discussing and proposing sound solutions, we can positively change the quality of the lives of all of us. And you can be part of us by sending suggestions on speakers, topics, and experiences you have had. You may also want to advise us on ways to better accomplish our goal.

We strive to offer practical ideas and actions about how aging societies are viewed through the lens of optimism, possibility, reality, and action. The IATA operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Action Council of Monterey County, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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An Additional Source
Read Publications by IATA Founders and other respected scholars in the field of aging as well as fact check information by using the search tool on PubMed.


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